Comparison of LTE and WiMAX on the Basis of Qualities

International Journal of P2P Network Trends and Technology (IJPTT)          
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Volume-1 Issue-3                           
Year of Publication : 2011
Authors : Poonam M.Bhagat, Prasad S.Halgaonkar, Vijay M.Wadhai


Poonam M.Bhagat, Prasad S.Halgaonkar, Vijay M.Wadhai."Comparison of LTE and WiMAX on the Basis of Qualities". International Journal of P2P Network Trends and Technology (IJPTT), V1(3):5-11 Nov - Dec 2011, ISSN:2249-2615, Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.


The explosive growth of the mobile broadband usage and that increases the traffic volume. To better meet these future requirement various technology standard explore options for 4G technology. The explored new emerging wireless broadband technologies are LTE and WiMAX. The next-generation mobile broadband technologies i.e. LTE and WiMAX are leading technologies which are technological foundation for 4G wireless broadband network. QoS structure is essential element of next-generation i.e. 4G broadband wireless network to better meet to the current and future needs and mobile internet applications. In this paper, described is next-generation leading technologies wireless broadband. These technologies are designed to support current and future QoS. QoS structure and aspect of 4G mobile broadband technologies that are LTE, IEEE 802.16E and IEEE 802.16M (WiMAX) to sustain various applications of QoS needs.


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Long Term Evolution, Worldwide Interoperability of Microwave Access, QoS