An Enhanced Approach of Access Control Method in a Distributed Environment

International Journal of P2P Network Trends and Technology (IJPTT)          
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Volume-8 Issue-5
Year of Publication : 2018
Authors : Abdullah Shakoor, Ali Raza


MLA Style: Abdullah Shakoor, Ali Raza "An Enhanced Approach of Access Control Method in a Distributed Environment" International Journal of P2P Network Trends and Technology 8.5 (2018): 6-8.

APA Style:Abdullah Shakoor, Ali Raza, (2018). An Enhanced Approach of Access Control Method in a Distributed Environment. International Journal of P2P Network Trends and Technology, 8(5), 6-8.


The purpose of this research is to enhance access control method in a distributed environment. An analysis was discussed among different access control methods. Data on a distributed link is at high risk now days. It should be secured from both internal and external attacks. An unauthorized access towards a data may harm the privacy and policies of an organization. So, it is necessary to secure the database from unauthorized access in a distributed environment. Different Access control techniques were used to secure the database from an intruder. With the growth of internet distributed databases are being used a growing number of rate. It is very important to control the access mechanism in a distributed data-base. Distributed database is distributed physically in a variety of web sites and is integrated logically together. To access the data different privileges are granted to make sure that your data is secure from an unauthorized access as well as from bad use. An approach that works efficiently was preferred by comparing all approaches. In this regard major focus was on privilege of data authorization


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Access Control; Authorization; Distributed Environment