Automatic Generation of Result Analysis

International Journal of P2P Network Trends and Technology (IJPTT)          
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Volume - 7 Issue - 2
Year of Publication : 2017
Authors : P.Ilakiya, S.Anusuya, B.Devishri


P.Ilakiya, S.Anusuya, B.Devishri "Automatic Generation of Result Analysis". International Journal of P2P Network Trends and Technology (IJPTT), V7(2):15-17 Mar - Apr 2017, ISSN:2249-2615,, Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.


The student result analysis system is used for educational measurement processes test and results analysis of annual examination based on the university exam of the student. This system is mainly based on the database technology and the credit based system. The exam has two parts: internal exam and external exam finally result of each subject is calculated grade wise. It gives the statically analyzing of student result.This application is useful for storing student’s information and annual result in the database and shows the student performance. And it gives the comparative information among the students such as toppers, boy’s vs girl’s performance, merit vs management etc., the main goal of the system provides a single platform that will be used to manage the processing of all examination records within the institution.


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Micro Analysis, Credit based system.