A Review: Comparative Analysis Of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network

International Journal of P2P Network Trends and Technology (IJPTT)          
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Volume-3 Issue-1                           
Year of Publication : 2013
Authors : Prabhdeep Singh, Navdeep Kaur, Ravneet Kaur


Prabhdeep Singh, Navdeep Kaur, Ravneet Kaur."A Review: Comparative Analysis Of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network". International Journal of P2P Network Trends and Technology (IJPTT), V3(1):12-17  Jan - Feb 2013, ISSN:2249-2615, www.ijpttjournal.org. Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.


Wireless Sensor networks are recently rapidly growing research area in wireless communications and distributed network. Wireless Sensor Network consists of a large number of low-cost, low-power, and multifunctional sensor nodes with the capability to sense the various types of physical and environmental condition. The sensor nodes have a limited transmission range, and their processing and storage capabilities as well as their energy resources are also limited. Due to these limitations routing is major challenge in wireless sensor network. Routing protocols for wireless sensor networks are responsible for maintaining the routes in the network and ensure reliable multi-hop communication under these conditions. This paper reviews the various routing protocol and their comparison in wireless sensor network.


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Wireless Sensor Network, Protocol Stack, Routing Protocols.